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Alex Carravetta



CrossFit Level 2 Certification
USAW Certification

About Coach

I started exercising after coming in last place in a mile run test for gym class in 5th grade. Something about the embarrassment I felt that day gnawed at my mind every day until I had to take the same test a year later, improving by a large margin. The high I felt from achieving something I had been chasing for a year was all I needed to know this was going to be a part of my life from then on. I went on to participate in many sports, most notably becoming a state-ranked wrestler before moving on entirely to CrossFit my freshman year of college.

Turning Point

Though earning some decent accolades wrestling, I missed out on earning a spot at the state tournament my senior year, and it crushed me. I felt I had failed myself more than I could forgive after all of the hours of agony spent practicing. I carried that with me until I realized that all of that wasn’t for nothing. In fact, it applied directly to CrossFit. Every chance I get to put myself back in the “Pain Cave” reminds me of the reasons I started doing any of this all those years ago.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I believe whole-heartedly in the CrossFit training methodology and it’s ability to improve the quality of life for any person in need of a change. I believe that the value in any persons life comes from the time they have to spend with the ones they love and their ability to be present in any moment with them. I feel that pursuing functional fitness is the best way to improve both, and I enjoy providing the knowledge to do so.

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